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123 Cash – Online Loans Instant Approval

Posted on September 10, 2017

Almost everyone, unless of course if they are rich, has gone through a phase when an emergency fund requirement has wavered their monthly budget. An unforeseen situation may arise out of a sudden, requiring you to use up all your reserves or it may come at a time when you do not have any money to spare. The crisis may lead to stress and be tough to handle, but with easy 123 cash loans, your immediate problem can be solved. Getting instant short term loans or payday loans is no longer difficult and many are relying on them for meeting quick cash needs. Not only are they easier to secure as compared to bank loans, they are also accessible to a wide range of borrowers.

123 Payday Loans

What Is 123 Cash?

Many would be familiar with the term payday loans and short term or installment loans. For those who are not familiar with the term, a payday loan is a small instant loan that is due to be paid when you receive your first paycheck. The loan period can last from a week and up to 15 days. It is mandatory for you to repay your loan within the stipulated time period, after which an additional interest is payable. 123 cash advance can also be applied for in the form of an installment loan, which is payable in equated monthly installments. This type of loan is payable over a longer period of time as opposed to repayment of payday loan on receiving paycheck. Either way, 123 cash is instant cash.

How Are 123 Cash Loans Different?

You can avail loans via banks and non-banking financial companies, both of which have large funding operations, though the latter offers only lending services. There are also small private lenders who extend short term loans or better known as payday loan or cash advance. These lenders are different and better accessible. They offer instant 123 cash advance to meet urgent small cash requirement. The amount is small, but it helps in an emergency, such as for unexpected car repairs, paying medical bills and so on that you hadn’t planned for in your monthly budget. Also, getting 123 cash is quite simple and requires minimal documentation and verification.

123 Cash Loans Eligibility

Eligibility & Steps To Applying For 123 Cash Now

You can easily be eligible for a payday loan if you meet the following criteria.

  • Should be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a regular job, with a minimum of 3 months of continued service at same company
  • Receive a minimum monthly salary of $1000 after taxes
  • Be a citizen of the country
  • Possess a bank account where funds will be deposited
  • Be able to provide valid contact details such as phone number and email address

Those who meet the above requirement can apply online for 123 cash loans. The procedure is simple and there are numerous portals where you can apply for a payday or installment loan. These portals have several registered lenders, who in turn offer payday loans at competitive interest rates. To apply for 123 cash advance, you need to first register at a chosen portal. Once registered, you will be required to fill in an online application form with your personal details, including bank info and job details.

When you have signed in and filled up the prerequisite form, it takes just a matter of minutes to get an approval from a lender. You may receive an offer from more than one lender. This gives you the flexibility to choose the 123 cash offer that is best suitable to you in terms of interest rate, repayment period and approved amount. After approval some lenders may credit the sanctioned amount directly to your bank account on the same day, provided you have submitted your application early. Others will transfer your 123 cash now funds to your bank account on the following working day or latest within 3 working days.

Can Bad Credit Lower Your Chances Of Getting A 123 Cash Advance

If you are applying for a bank loan, then yes a low or negative credit rating will go against you and your loan application will likely be rejected. However, for payday loans this criteria does not apply. You can have no credit or negative credit score and yet be eligible for a cash advance. As long as you have a stable job and regular income, lenders will be prepared to overlook your past defaults and offer you a 123 cash loan. Payday loans are ideal for those who have no credit or poor credit history, as there are rare chances they will be eligible for a loan through banks. Besides, payday 123 cash loans are easy to apply for and secure.

How Much 123 Cash Can You Get

Payday loans are small loans that range from $100 to $1000 and in some cases up to $2500. They are designed to meet unexpected mid-month crisis and are usually repaid when you receive your next paycheck. Hence, the duration of the loan is short and typically offered for a week or up to 15 days, depending on when you are due to receive your paycheck. 123 cash now is also available as an installment loan and is payable in small portions over a longer stretch of time.

Is 123 Cash Advance Safe

123 cash is completely safe and hassle-free. You do not need to visit the lender or agent. From the application to receiving funds, each step is carried out online. Very little documentation and only basic verification is required, avoiding any inconvenience for you. Funds are sent directly to your bank account within hours. All online processes for 123 cash loans are secure and any personal information that you put in, is encrypted to protect from identity theft. If you are looking to borrow a small instant loan, then there isn’t a better option than applying for 123 cash. Interest rates are slightly high, but still worth it.

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