3 Tips How to Choose Your Sigma Solutions Loan

What is Sigma Solutions Loan?

Personal credit is an unrestricted loan, which means that you are not required to explain to your bank the purpose of your credit. You use the Sigma Solutions Loan sum as you see fit, whatever your need. You can use it immediately or later. Personal credit allows you to quickly have a sum of money to cover the financing of one or more of your projects, purchases or personal payments. Need to pay a bill in the emergency? Need to finance studies? Need to pay for your medical expenses? Need a new high-tech television?

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As the name suggests, personal lending is a type of consumer credit that lets the borrower allocate the loan amount as he pleases, on one or more occasions and over a free period.

The characteristics of the personal loan
In France, the maximum amount of this type of loan is € 75,000, repayable over a period of 3 months to 7 years depending on the duration. A personal loan is compulsorily embodied in a written contract whose clauses must respect the common rules of the Consumer Code:

amount of the loan

Total Loan Amount

Overall effective rate (APR)

term of the loan

Amount of monthly installments

The same applies to the right of withdrawal of 14 days, which allows the borrower to renounce the loan without having to justify himself. Generally the rate and the monthly payments are fixed, the lender however being able to propose a revisable rate or a capital refundable in fine (at the end of the loan).

When to use a personal loan?

In the case of an unrestricted loan, the borrower shall dispose of the loan in its entirety. Part of the sum may be used immediately for an expenditure and the balance retained for one or more subsequent uses.

“Be aware, however, that the monthly payments cover all the capital and begin as soon as the funds are released. ”

This type of loan can be subscribed as well by comfort as by necessity. An individual handyman who plans to carry out work in his main or secondary residence thus has the necessary funds for purchases of materials and equipment.

Another situation is the scheduled purchase of a rare used car that will be easier to negotiate by immediately disposing of the sum.

The personal loan can also be used to cope with an unexpected situation such as certain health expenses. In many cases, this kind of loan is often used in whole or in part to finance a child’s education. It can also be used to improve its daily life or to offer a dream vacation.


Is a personal loan more difficult to obtain than the one assigned?
It is enough to note the number of offers of personal loans to understand that it is relatively easy to subscribe one. Subject to the provision of a secure profile, the banker or the credit institution shall grant a personal loan without difficulty.

The reason is that this type of loan is more profitable for the lender than the one affected. On the one hand the management fees are reduced and on the other hand the lender does not have to follow the actual use of the funds. It is also less likely to be involved in suspensions of payment of due dates, such as a defect in the goods purchased following a dispute with the seller or the service provider.

Note that borrower insurance for a personal loan is optional.


The possibility of early repayment

An unexpected or expected return of money in the longer or shorter term may be the opportunity to repay the personal loan in advance.

Since 1 May 2011, the prepayment of a personal loan of less than € 10,000 is not accompanied by any penalty.

For the higher amounts, a penalty of between 0.5 and 1% can be applied by the lender. However, the penalty rate must be specified in the contract entered into by the borrower.